The True Story of a Not-So-Teeny-Weeny-Polka-Dotted Bikini

There is always a beginning.

Last week was the beginning of the On-The-Go Momma blog. And this week is another beginning…

Today is day one of project:

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Top 3 Swimsuit Shopping Irritations

A couple days ago I was reading this post here by Susan (of Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva), and I was reminded about my own need of a new suit for our upcoming vacation.


Swimsuit shopping used to be fun. I think. Well, maybe fun is going too far… but it did used to be a lot easier before three pregnancies. And I have noticed that I have some major issues these days with bathing suit shopping.

Pet Peeve #1: Swim suits cost WAY too much for the amount of fabric they consist of and the amount of body coverage (or lack-there-of!) that they provide.

Pet Peeve #2: OK folks, I live in OHIO. We do not specialize in swim suits here. I understand this. What I don’t understand is why so many mall stores only sell bikinis? I specifically, don’t have the stomach (no pun intended) for a mid-riff bearing bikini. Mentally… I’m just not there yet. So these stores have immediately lost my business.

Pet Peeve #3: I may be “on-the-go” a lot, but that doesn’t mean I like to rush. In fact, I like to take my time when shopping. I left the house clearly excited by the opportunity for an hour and a half of kid-less shopping JUST FOR 1 SUIT… to find out that 1 1/2 hours goes a lot quicker than I envisioned.

The Super Suitor

According to the dictionary, a suitor is: a man who pursues a relationship with a particular woman, with a view to marriage.

I doubt when my husband pursued, then married me, that he had any visions of to the extremities a marriage can go through when it includes chaperoning your wife on a bathing suit expedition.

Yes! My husband bravely went where most men won’t go – swim suit shopping. (Poor guy! – I’m sure he is now wondering what was he thinking by agreeing to that!)

*Note to any other crazy brave husbands who choose to accompany their wife while shopping for a swim suit (and want to remain happily married): Be very, no exceptionally, no EXCEEDINGLY careful about your opinions & responses (including, but not limited to, facial expressions).

In fact, if you dare as a husband go swimsuit shopping with your wife, let me share a pointer:

When asked for an opinion on any given suit, a good response (said with your best and most genuine smile) might be: “Nice! What do you think?”

Becauseand husbands please take note here – if your wife does come out of the dressing room to show you what a suit looks like, it means that the suit is officially “under consideration.” – a.k.a. she kind-of likes it.

And as much as I look for my husband’s agreement on the swimsuit of my choice, ultimately I have to love the suit even more than him.

>>> If a girl feels good in a suit, a girl looks good in a suit. Enough said. (But it always feels good to know my husband “appreciates” it too! – wink)

Murphy’s Law of Swimsuit Shopping

There is a swimsuit out there for everyone… I think!? But FYI, before you shop for swimsuits remember the following: that Murphy’s Law of Swimsuit Shopping states:

  1. Nearly every suit that you like WILL be the most expensive suit on the rack.
  2. While swimsuit shopping you WILL run into every person you haven’t seen in a gazillion years just as you are about to break into tears of swimsuit-shopping-frustration.
  3. No matter how much time you need to shop for a swimsuit you WILL always need more.

The Hidden Pro’s of Swimsuit Shopping

5:45 a.m. This is when I got up this morning. Ready for day #1 of “quick!-get-yourself-in-shape-before-vacation.”

150 sit-ups and a 3.5 mile bike ride later, I am surprisingly very motivated and invigorated.

See! There IS a pro to swimsuit shopping!

Swimsuit shopping ultimately got me to this point… You know, the point where I will get up to work out at 5:45 a.m. because it is the only time available in my day to do so?

I am also realizing (after a 24-hour break away from the stresses of swimsuit shopping) that its not really about how I look in my suit, but how I feel (both in my suit and in general).

And after a 1/2 hour bike ride in the silence of the early morning – I. Feel. Great!

Now, if only this swimsuit would last another 10 years to prolong my next swimsuit expedition…

… Because I have a feeling that is how long it will take to convince my husband to come back out with me in hot pursuit of my next not-so-teeny-weeny-polka-dotted bikini…

Would love your comments! How do you get through swimsuit shopping? Is it as frustrating to you as it is to me? Like my early morning bike ride, what motivates you to feel better and more confident about how you see yourself?

I’m linking up with: It Builds Character… and other parenting clichés for Motivate Me Monday. I am determined to stick to my early morning bike rides… because sometimes, it really does take swimsuit shopping to motivate you to work more towards your fitness goals!

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17 Responses to The True Story of a Not-So-Teeny-Weeny-Polka-Dotted Bikini

  1. Kate L. says:

    That suit is super cute! And I totally agree that the fact you wore it out of the dressing room means it’s under consideration–although sometimes I yell, “you have to see this!” if it’s totally ridiculous (more-so on shirts/pants that don’t fit or are uglier than I thought, than suits). Great post.

    • Kate says:

      Ha! LOL. Too funny Kate!

      … although sometimes I yell, “you have to see this!” if it’s totally ridiculous (more-so on shirts/pants that don’t fit or are uglier than I thought, than suits).

  2. This post was so funny!!!! I totally agree with you in every single one of your sentences!!!! 🙂 I could just repeat them all in agreement, and I was shaking my head in agreement for especially the Husband section!!!!
    you go girl on the exercise. I did it, and it is totally worth it!!!!! Keep it up1!! Now I feel ok in my swimsuit and I’m thankful that I’m exercising!!!!

    • Kate says:

      The BIG question is whether I can keep the exercise motivation up after the vacation!?! Thanks for checking out my blog. So glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. Sara says:

    First of all, CUTE suit!! I’m sure it looks fantastic on you; you look GREAT!!

    The whole post is so funny and true.

    I just have to say I’m so impressed that your husband would actually come shopping with you…for bathing suits especially, and I’m impressed that you let him (?!).

    I agree that exercise always makes you feel so much better…but somehow remembering that and keeping the motivation alive gets harder when you throw all the other factors in life into the mix. But, good for you and hey, for me, I also keep trying to put it into that category of things I need for me :). Just have to get back into the routine after we get back to town. For now, my “exercise” really just consists of walking everywhere ;).

    • Kate says:

      I need to continue to move exercise up on my “ladder of importance.” It’s day three of getting up at 5:45 to exercise and all I keep thinking to myself is: I could be using the 1 1/2 hours it takes for me to exercise and then shower to work… NO! I work enough! I need this time… but it is still hard for me to justify.

  4. Random Girl says:

    That cute suit has “WIN” written all over it! Congrats on the victory! As for bringing the hubs along for the torture…err… adventure… I much prefer to cry quietly in the dressing room by myself thank you very much! Great post!
    Random Girl recently posted..The Flip Side – Happiness (or Not) in the Moment

    • Kate says:

      Thanks 😉 It ultimately was a victory… and do you know that I only spent $21 on it!?! MAJOR SALE! Woot! Actually, on the flip side of your comment, the nice thing about bringing the husband with me is that it kind-of keeps me from “crying quietly in the dressing room by myself” (Call it peer pressure???)

  5. ChiMomWriter says:

    Your husband is so, so brave. I’ll have to share your tips for the men on this one!

    I’ve found the suits I like are immediately more expensive because I require actual bra cups at this point. Two kids later, I need something more than a piece of thread holding everything up to an acceptable level.

    Good choice on the suit – and with your workout. A peaceful bike ride sounds perfect!
    ChiMomWriter recently posted..Link Up With Motivate Me Monday: Week Two

    • Kate says:

      I really think that is the key to workout success >>> finding something you really like to do. And a peaceful morning bike ride is SO fun and… well… did I mention peaceful? With 3 kiddos running around the house, it is amazing how much I look forward to my 1/2 hour (very peaceful) early morning bike ride… I am hoping it is this “love of peace and quiet” that will ultimately keep me motivated… not just the “Not-So-Teeny-Weeny-Polka-Dotted Bikini?”

  6. I love that suit! Very summery.

    For me, it’s all about support. It has to be a halter, no black, and high-cut in the leg to elongate my stubby limbs. My favorite suit was a one piece that was cut to look like a tankini.

    Bikinis should be left to teens and very in-shape ladies in their 20s!

    • Kate says:

      I am somewhat obsessive about tankini’s… I can’t imagine finding a one piece that was cut to look like a tankini! How cool 🙂

  7. Oh, I hate shopping for swim suits! I do it all on online, and end up making a lot of returns. In fact, I have a suit sitting in the other room, waiting for me to try it on and decide… can I leave the house in this one?!?

    Love the polka dots!
    Missy @ Wonder, Friend recently posted..I Miss Junior High

    • Kate says:

      I am a self proclaimed HORRIBLE internet shopper 🙂 I think I would have to order millions of suits in millions of sizes to find the right one online! Most of the time, when shopping for suits via the mall, the suit that I least like on the rack tuns out to be my favorite, and the suit that I LOVED on the rack looks ridiculous on me! Good luck with all your returns 🙂

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  9. Ado says:

    That suit is too cute! Adorable!! (-:
    Ado recently posted..When You’re A Mom, Forever Just Isn’t Long Enough

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