Things I’d Like to Remember

To-do lists, calendars, email reminders to myself… I have tried it all.

Remembering all the things that need to get done in my busy life can be hard for me. And sometimes, I admit, I just tune out.

To those of my friends and family who are still patiently waiting for me to remember:

  • that “catch-up” phone call or lunch date that I promised you
  • a copy of that great recipe I told you I’d get to you (back from the days when I actually remembered had time to cook)
  • the pair of pants that I borrowed for my son during a play date (you know, that play date where I had to race out unexpectedly because I forgot I had to also pick up my oldest daughter from soccer… YES, that one!)

Well, to all of you – please don’t hold your breath.

Because unfortunately, it seems as though with each child I have given birth too, I have managed to lose just a few more million thousand hundred brain cells that relate directly to my short-term memory.

Remember them? Thing 1, Thing 2 and Thing 3 – The Short-term Memory Suckers!?!

This short term “mommy memory loss,” for me, is a fact. (That most of my friends and family can probably attest to and have experienced an encounter with sometime over the past 9-ish years.)

As a side note to my husband: PLEASE don’t ask me to remember just one more thing at the grocery store that you told me over and over about mentioned just as I was heading out the door. *Hint: If you want to ensure I will remember it – OFFICIALLY ADD IT TO THE LIST!

You name it. I’ve forgotten it.

Garbage day, groceries, and homework for the kids.
My morning coffee (not a pretty picture), my afternoon lunch, and dinner for the family.
My cell phone, my purse the diaper bag, and occasionally even a kid or two (Not for long! I promise!)

And forgetting – is never a good way to start or end a day.

Yet Why Be So Negative?

OK, maybe I sound as if I am being just a bit harsh on myself?

I remember enough. I do the best I can.

Maybe I need to give myself a little more credit. Because I DO manage to get a majority of the things done that need to get done. And I do tend to get the majority of the kids to the majority of the places that they need to be. (2 out of 3 ain’t bad, right?)

Regardless, to make a long story short, I am not embarrassed to admit that in order to get these seemingly small things done, I often rely heavily on my to-do lists, my calendar and (yes!) email reminders to myself.

It’s the BIG Things that Count though…

But what I do worry about is forgetting the other things…

The other things that sometimes aren’t so tangible and measurable.

The things that are often way more important then getting dinner on the table, remembering my morning coffee or forgetting an item at the grocery store.

So today, I decided to write another to-do list.

An ongoing to-do list with no deadlines attached. A list that from here on out, I plan to keep close at hand in order to remember some of those even less easy-to-remember items during all my busy, crazy, forgetful days as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, and teacher…

I’m going to call it:

My Things-to-Remember-Forever List:

  1. I will make mistakes (I shouldn’t regret them but learn from them)
  2. Don’t forget to prioritize (and realized that other people’s priorities may be different than my own)
  3. IMPORTANT: Always remember to say thank you
  4. I DO need a life outside of three kids (P.S. Don’t forget about your friends!)
  5. I am not a bwitch (even though last week’s post may have tried to prove differently!)
  6. FACT: Sometimes I won’t be able to get it all done
    And last but definitely not least…
  7. There once was a time in life when I could sleep in… and their will be a time when I can sleep in again! (Of course there will be… right!?)

Disclaimer: I have the right to change, update, add to, elaborate and/or delete any item on this list. Life changes and so will my list of things I need to remember – that I am sure of!

What would be on your list to remember forever?
Am I forgetting anything (I know – shocker! – me forget?) Let me know in a comment!

Today I am linking up with Just.Be.Enough.
Because I am OK with forgetting every once in a while.
And really, I don’t need to remember everything.
I do the best I can (with the help of my to-do lists, calendar and e-mail reminders!).

Just.Be.Enough. has a mission to empower, inspire, and remind women, parents
and children that the time has come to celebrate ourselves. Hop over and check out their blog!

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35 Responses to Things I’d Like to Remember

  1. Life As Wife says:

    Pregnancy brain? It exists long after you give birth, I am living proof!!

    I love your list of things you need to remember!
    Life As Wife recently posted..Those Eyes Can’t See

  2. I can so relate to this post. I used to be so on the ball and have a calendar and to do list cemented in my brain. Now, I have to write things on a large calendar – even the iphone won’t cut it. It needs to be big and loud and “Hey, Don’t Forget!!!”

    I love your Forever to do list, though. You’re right – the small stuff isn’t so important and can fall to the wayside. If it takes me a long time to write a thank you card (or, more likely, if I forget to write it altogether), life will go on.

    And yes, I try and remind myself that I someday will sleep in again. Although by that time, after years of early morning training, will I even be able to? 🙂

    • Kate says:

      Yes, I have a feeling that may be the case:

      I try and remind myself that I someday will sleep in again. Although by that time, after years of early morning training, will I even be able to?

      I remember being little and spending the night at my grandparents house. My grandfather was always up at the crack of dawn. Every morning. Without fail. He had been trained by work. I may very well, like you (and as my grandfather did!), fall into that same trap category.

      P.S. Glad yo can relate. iPhones, iPads, syncing calendars, dry erase boards, cork boards, sticky notes… I LIVE by them! 😉

  3. I wrote a post last spring about how it made me feel bad that I didn’t keep up with people’s STUFF anymore. I try not to get too upset by it though – there’s only so much we mamas can remember. I love your list to remember forever though – perfect.
    Missy | Literal Mom recently posted..Handling Tantrums – Literal Mom Monday

    • Kate says:

      Oh, I wish I had read that post of yours! (I hadn’t even started this blog and had only just begun blogging for Mothers Central then!) There definitely is only so much we can remember. In fact, now that I think about it, maybe it seems as if I am forgetting more because I actually have more to remember now??? Hmmm…

  4. Yes! You make me feel like I’m more normal than I thought I something. I have conversations with people that they have to remind me we had, I also swear I’ve had conversations the other person claims never happened. Forgetting is the next best thing to misplacing which I also do all the time..currently my glasses and my camera – never the coffee though funny enough you would think that would help
    Coffee Lovin’ Mom recently posted..Cappuccino Crunch Bars for the Sweet Tooth

    • Kate says:

      I have a story about this:

      You said: “I also swear I’ve had conversations the other person claims never happened.”

      I have had this happen ONE. too. many times – specifically with babysitters. I swear I have called and confirmed them, and then… NO!?

      Now, when I confirm a sitter, I write “confirmed (name of sitter) on (date)” in my calendar. Seriously?!? Yep. Just one more thing I’ve added to my list to-do and my calendar. To take it one step further, if we plan something months in advance, I will have my electronic calendar email me a few weeks in advance to make sure we have a sitter for it. Ha! 🙂 It’s crazy!

  5. angela says:

    I tell myself #7 at least once a week. At least.

    It’s so true that with kids comes a whole different set of priorities. And sleep habits.

    • Kate says:

      Almost 10 years later, and I actually don’t mind getting up early quite as much as I used to. But I still long just for the option. That’s all I would like… the option to sleep in just a little longer… 😉

    Twitter: bridgetstraub

    Breathe, just breathe!

  7. Christine @ Quasi Agitato
    Twitter: csiracusa

    Can’t remember ANYTHING that isn’t written down. Which is why it took me 3 tries to remember to replace the toilet paper in the bathroom today. I would go in, see it needed to be replaced, walk out…wait…what was I doing again? On to something else. Until I needed to use the bathroom again. So frustrating! However, if it’s written down, it’s as good as done. And I’m getting pretty good at remembering to write it down!
    Christine @ Quasi Agitato recently posted..I Want to Work for Zappos: A Vlog.

    • Kate says:

      Great… now I’m thinking that I may just have to go and buy a set of sticky notes to put in the bathroom too?! Arh! 😉 I try hard to remember to write it down… BUT, if another thing I have to do comes up before I write it down – it may very likely be lost in the “left sock pile of to-do lists”…

  8. Optimistic Mom
    Twitter: anoptimisticmom

    I love it! I don’t remember as much as I used to. I think after listening to my son talk to me for hours there isn’t room left for anything else. He is 4 going on 15 so he has a lot to say about everything. lol
    I try to write notes and set alerts on my phone…. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t…..
    Optimistic Mom recently posted..Tale of a sleepless night

    • Kate says:

      I never thought about that!?! Maybe it is all the ongoing, never-ending kid conversations I have to listen to day-in and day-out that is also effecting my “mommy mind?” OK, I need to go ponder on that one a little more… 🙂

  9. Julia says:

    This post made me think of one of the attorneys that I used to work with. She used to tease me after I had my oldest-when I would get forgetful, she would say “Uh oh…she has mommy mush brains like the rest of us!” The term “mommy mush brains” always makes me laugh. One thing that I will always remember, and this is strange, is the unusual clutter in my house. My husband is always trying to clean up all the clutter, but I know it is impossible-so I always smile when the kids add decorative touches to my house, like green rubber frogs on the piano, or all the drawings that they tape to my walls and windows. When they get older, I will aways remember, and kind of miss those things.

    • Kate says:

      I have an issue with clutter – and to help avoid my personal issue we have found ways around it – so the kids still have places for all their “decorative touches.” (as you so eloquently put it :))

      We’ve managed to keep the “kid clutter” to a minimum on our main floor… and this helps to keep me sane 🙂 Instead, each kid has their own large cork board in each of their rooms… they are aloud to use this for any of their “art stuff” they are proud of and want to display. We also allow the kids to “decorate” the entire basement. We have a partially finished basement that still has gray brick walls. The kids hang a boatload of their things down there. We do reserve one side of the fridge for their things – primarily things from school that they did exceptionally well on (like a test of something of that nature).

      Oh, and LOVE the term “mommy mush brain!”

  10. Justin says:

    Try Producteev ( – a to-do list managed entirely from your e-mail (or on the site) and also syncs with your google calendar. Love it!

    We also do dry erase markers on the bathroom mirror to leave reminders/notes/honey-dos 🙂 They don’t come off with the steam, but wipe away with just a swipe.

    • Kate says:

      I use iCal on my Mac. I actually just found an app called Evernote that I just downloaded! I am so excited to try it! It syncs my note between my Mac, iPad and iPhone and looks really cool 😉

  11. Shell says:

    I think I need a to-remember list like yours. B/c I seem to forget all the little things and then beat myself up for it.
    Shell recently posted..School Bus VS Mom Taxi

    • Kate says:

      It is no good beating yourself up about forgetting. There is only so much we can do? I always figure that people who care about me, understand when I accidentally mess up or forget something. The people that don’t understand, those are the people who I just don’t need to worry about 🙂

  12. Kelly says:

    I love this post and all the honesty in it!! I create lists for EVERYTHING…because I really do forget…and I am so with you on the lack of memory. I hate to admit this, but I have been to parties in the past and not remembered one thing about it (and not due to drinking!). Friends had to show me a picture of myself AT THE PARTY….and even looking at my image, I still could not remember being there! Talk about pregnancy brain…and the fact that I am now over 40…


    Love your Never Forget list! 🙂
    Kelly recently posted..Be Enough Me: My Current Truth with No Regrets

    • Kate says:

      At my On-the-Go Momma facebook fan page, when I shared this post, someone commented that she totally thought once her kids got older her “mommy memory” would come back to her… and then she hit menopause! Arg! We just can’t win 😉

  13. Julie
    Twitter: fromthecompound

    I love this post. Thank you for reminding me that my struggles, and crazy inner dialogue is not just mine! It similar to thousands of normal moms everywhere. We have different kids, husbands, jobs…completely different lives…yet we are dealing with the same (very mean) brain that make us feel like failures.

    You rock!
    Julie recently posted..Freckle Friday…The hoarders in The Compound

    • Kate says:

      So glad you enjoyed it Julie… sometimes, to feel less like a “failure” and more like a “normal” (is there such a thing as normal???) human being, you just have to laugh about your shortcomings… right?? 🙂

  14. I love your things to remember forever list – so true & thank you for reminding ME today!
    Devan @ Accustomed Chaos recently posted..A Due Date Gone But Never Came

  15. Jessica says:

    Such a great post and we all need the reminder since it is impossible to remember much of anything. I was just thinking this morning how much I would like to watch a few shows NOT on Nick Jr in the mornings but then I thought about the fact that I will have many quiet mornings years from now where I will be longing for these noisy ones.
    Jessica recently posted..How to Fall

    • Kate says:

      It’s hard to not want those “quiet, non-Nick Jr.” moments right now. And sometimes, I think we occasionally need to attempt to give ourselves those moments right now. But, in the long run, for me, it always seems that trying to make my moments “glass half-full” moments instead of “glass half-empty” moments – like your response about many moments later on when you miss the crazy-loud moments! – gives me the perspective to carry-on. Even when I DO forget 🙂

  16. Emmy
    Twitter: Emmymom2

    My husband called me while I was at the store once asking if I could pick up some batteries. I agreed but 100% forgot by the time I got to the end of the isle. I did remember when I was putting my groceries into my car but said forget it at that point.

    • Kate says:

      Don’t you hate when you remember a missing item after you check out at the grocery, yet before you have actually left the premises??? Ugh. I ALWAYS seem to remember the forgotten item when technically I could still get it 🙂

  17. Dumb Mom says:

    Perfect list! I call my inability to remember anything in my life my “Sober Memory”. You know, sorta like a drunk memory where the person forgets everything that happens when they are drunk? Only I forget everything that happens to me when I’m sober which, since I have about one glass of wine a year, is pretty much always!
    Dumb Mom recently posted..BList: Best Pinners on Pinterest.

    • Kate says:

      Thanks for stopping over! Hope you had “fun” reading all your linky submissions!

      Oh and your term: “Sober Memory?” Yes! Totally one of the reasons I drink less then I used to 😉 (Most of the time!)

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