Wonder, Friend…

Touring Washington DC on a Rainy day.

This week I was in Washington DC representing the State of Ohio at Parenting Magazine’s 2012 Mom Congress in Education and Learning Conference.

Suffice to say, I’ve been busy.

What-if I would have actually written my usual On-the-Go Momma post for Monday?
Could I have written something good in my overly anxious state?
Well… of course I could have (right?)


My typical Monday post was set aside knowing that one more thing might just push me over the edge I would be sharing a post elsewhere today.

I hope you will join me today over at my friend Missy’s blog: Wonder, Friend where I am (go figure!) exploring the three phrases: What-if, Could-we and But…

Curious yet? I hope so! Click on over to read it!

And while you’re at it, stick around and check out some of Missy’s other posts. Missy is one of my favorite bloggers and had the honor of being JUST as overwhelmed and as busy as I was this weekend because she was selected to be featured in the Austin, TX production of Listen to my Mother, a national series of live readings by local writers in celebration of Mothers’ Day.


If you are stopping by to visit me from my post at Wonder, Friend:


  • Learn more about me here
  • Check out last weeks post at On-the-Go Momma (I only typically post once a week)
  • Or visit my most recent post at Mothers Central from last week titled Tainted Recollections (where I share the true story of my unbelievable ability to rewrite history!)

And let me entertain you as I talk about my busy, on-the-go life in motherhood and so much more!

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