A No-Nap Kinda Day

A short recap of our family’s recent day trip to Kelleys Island, and – just for a fun twist – vicariously told through the eyes of my 2-year-old toddler. ๐Ÿ™‚


Just so you know, I DO. NOT. STOP. Like the Energizer Bunny I keep going and going and going and going… <– (Hey, I know it’s clichรฉ – but cut me some slack! I’m only 2!)

And even though my momma likes to take an afternoon nap (when I let her)
I can tell you with 100% absolute certainty that:


A Nap? Take it or leave it – that’s what I say. But my momma (a.k.a. the “Nap Nazi”) is a hard cookie to crack when it comes to those annoying (IMHO), break-up-a-perfectly-good-day naps. And it is because of this ridiculous toddler nap obsession that often I get dealt the “Grandparent Card.”

Yep. Left behind,
while momma and daddy go off
gallivanting with my older brother and sister.

The Evidence

Don’t believe me? I have layer upon layer of proof to back up my accusations.

A couple weeks ago they went to Cedar Point. Did they take me? Of course not!

And then there was that time not too long ago that they took off to Kalahari and all I got was this dumb photo of “Bumbo” (a.k.a. Dumbo, a.k.a. any elephant, a.k.a. I am slightly obsessed with “bumbos”).

Sure, they took me on that Disney Cruise last summer that they all rave about – but does that really count? I might argue NO considering:

a.) grandparents came on the trip and
b.) that awesome room called “Flounder’s Nursery.”

Anyhow, that little trip was for-ev-er ago! (I mean I was only, like 1 or something!)

A Momentary Break in Tradition

So imagine my surprise when last Sunday morning they packed up the car with:

  • Bikes
  • Snacks
  • A picnic lunch
  • Swimming paraphernaliaโ€ฆ

And I saw:

NO Grandma. No babysitter. Nada.

Nothing except me, my family, our bikes and eventually this enormous ‘OAT!*
* ‘OAT = Boat. Those darn “B’s! They’re WAY too hard for me to pronounce – they get me every time!

Eat your heart out Disney Cruise Line and Flounder’s Nursery! In my book, your ‘OAT don’t compare to this Bad Boy!

Isn’t this boat (and my Daddy) cool?!

There was a lot of lounging on the back of my Daddy’s bike.

Kellys Island Sign

Biking around Kellys Island

And an awesome sandy, beach with a shallow cove just perfect for non-life-jacket-wearin’ days.

Kellys Island Beach

Fun at the Kellys Island Beach

I got to swim and play while my mom does this thing she refers to as:
(Really?! I mean sometimes she can be SO boring!)

I even got to drive this really cool ‘ar (for you non toddler-esk speaking peeps ‘ar = Car)

Driving the Golf Cart

OK. So I lied.
I didn’t really get to drive.
But I did get to ride WITHOUT a CAR SEAT!

Whoot, whoot! Party in the back seat!

Riding in the golf cart

Oh, and did I mention:

No Nap?

Yes! It was a no-nap kinda day!

Seriously, NO MORE of this: “lets-leave-the-toddler-at-home-because-he-needs-a-nap-and-is-too-much-work-and-won’t-let-the-older-kids-enjoy-the-experience” thing.

I mean a nap? Really? Look at me!

Tired on the way home from Kellys Island

Maybe my older brother and sister needed a little rest
on the boat ride back to the mainland – but me?

NOT. A. Chance!

All and all, definitely a trip to remember.

Me and our three kids on the ferry

P.S. Shh. I have a little secret that my momma doesn’t know yet. –> I am SO over this whole nap thing! *insert evil laugh*

Leave a Comment: Can someone PLEEZE tell my parents to stop playing the “Grandparent Card!” I mean how many people really think (as they do) that it’s all about the nap anyway? (Geez, they are SO old fashioned!)


Mamaโ€™s Losinโ€™ It

This week I am linking up to the #4 prompt from Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop: Ask your child what their favorite part of Summer has been and then blog about it.

I am also linking up to Finding the Funny
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16 Responses to A No-Nap Kinda Day

  1. Tatum B. says:

    This was great Kate! Especially enjoyed it from your toddler’s perspective ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kate F. says:

      Glad you enjoyed ๐Ÿ™‚ Next up, our trip to South Haven – if I can put it together by next Monday!

  2. Susi says:

    Looks like you guys had a great day. And my almost 4 year old would second your son… NO NAPS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Kate F. says:

      We had a wonderful day Susi! It is fun to hang out at a beach every once in a while – not as nice as your Florida beaches ๐Ÿ™‚ BUT, my husband and I just returned from South Haven, MI and Lake Michigan whose beaches definitely come a close second to St. Pete’s Beach!

  3. angela says:

    I’m giggling! It looks like a wonderful time ๐Ÿ™‚ (Also, my kids dropped their naps at 2. Gah!)

    • Kate F. says:

      Ugh! Don’t tell me that! I keep trying to nap him later thinking that will work – sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. What is DOES do 100% of the time is keep him up later. Double ugh! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. May says:

    Looks like a blast. And, Little Guy, if you are all done with those naps, I’d take them!

  5. Cathy Kennedy
    Twitter: greeneyestale

    I just love how you’re telling the story through your toddler’s eyes – really cute! Using the grandparent card is really okay in my book because you know what? We didn’t have this card to use. Both sets of grandparents live two states away and being paranoid as we are, we NEVER used babysitters. Our kids went everywhere with us. It’s good thing we “liked” our kiddoes, huh? lol Great fun post!

    Just making my daily blog hop rounds. I hope you’ll decide to join in today’s post: Krispy Kreme & Images of a Summer Night Have a good day!

    • Kate F. says:

      I feel so lucky that we have both set of Grandparents only a drive away. I know many a family (like yours!) that didn’t have that and I completely get how it can be impossible to not ever leave the kiddos at home. And yes *smile* definitely a good thing you liked your kiddos ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. emily says:

    Ha! That was cute…though I’ve very exhausted after reading that! How could you not take a nap?!

  7. I loved this written from a 2 yr old’s perspective. Awesome idea ๐Ÿ™‚
    My little ones have mostly passed their nap days too.

    hi from mk’s

    • Kate F. says:

      The thought to tell the story through my 2-year-old’s mind came after all I could think about was how much fun we had with him there and how glad I was that maybe we could start bringing him with us more often. It was so fun to imagine him talking through the day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. hollow tree ventures
    Twitter: RobynHTV

    This was so cute, especially from your toddler’s perspective! Great pics, too – looks like tons of fun!

    • Kate F. says:

      Thank you! I was trying to find a way to tell our adventures in a unique way… and when I saw the writing Prompt from Mama Kat’s Workshop it gave me the idea ๐Ÿ™‚

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