Pool Days. School Daze.

To think, only hours ago I was relaxing with my feet up at the pool.

(OK, so that is slightly exaggerated… the real story is: I was at the pool, in the water, getting drench by my 2-year-old. However I did STILL have a smile on my face and was enjoying my day.)

That was my day’s picture only mere hours ago…

And now, that picture had rapidly been replaced by an increasingly sweat stained forehead as I spewed directions towards the rear of our family’s van in panic.

“One LAST stop.” I said as I glanced at my watch and then back at my children through the review mirror.

“Out of the car, no talking, straight to the ‘Yarn Section’ and then directly to the checkout. Got it?” I announced, reminiscent of an army drill sergeant.

“Yes Momma.” I heard in unison from all three kids.

In the back of my head I’m replaying the events that led to this mad dash for MORE school supplies on the eve before our 1st day of the school year.

Earlier this Month

I was not about to start THIS school year like LAST school year.

The beginning of the last school year was a blur. I had just begun a new job and was ridiculously a tad overwhelmed. In fact, my husband handled the entire school supply round-up. When we arrive to open house the night before the first day of school last year, I will admit that I had no clue what was packed within the confines of their backpacks to unload at their classrooms and into their lockers.

However this year (I reassured myself) would be different.

This year I WOULD be on top of things – organized, with a plan at hand, and the piece of mind that all was safely packed and ready prior to open house because I am slightly anal like that.

In early August I boldly went school supply shopping with all three kids in tow. The event was easily completed and much more successful then I could have ever imagined.

Shopping at Target for School Supplies

Then, about a week later I organized, labeled and meticulously packed everything in preparation for the open house that was still 2 weeks away.

Organizing School Supplies

Flash Forward: Open House Day

As the day of open house approached, I was fully aware that the evening could become a little chaotic. Yet, I felt prepared… prepared enough to spend the morning enjoying the pool on our last day of summer break.

And by 4 o’clock I had:

  • Prepared an early dinner
  • Set out the enormous book bags filled with mountains of school supplies
  • Dressed 2 out of three children in soccer clothes along with packing soccer shoes to change into (for practices immediately following open house)

I felt well equipped and poised for the night. We had 45 minutes till our crazy evening would begin (open house was preceded by my son’s speech appointment) and I was diligently double checking my mental to-do list when suddenly:

I found it.

The missing “Art Supply List.”

The Missing List

Yes. I forgot to buy ALL the Art Supplies!

(With these 4 words repeating in my head I tried to stay positive and glanced back at the elusive list.)

I instructed my daughter to grab the extra pencils we had and start sharpening while I began a scavenger hunt around the house for the other ridiculous supplies.

10 minutes later, with dinner quickly finished, everything in the car and ALL 10 pencils sharpened, I again looked at the list…


My kids aren’t in:

Kindergarten and 3rd Grade any more!

Major #MomFail

The Correct list:

School Supply List

The most AWKWARD LIST – EVER – to have to locate in a matter of a 1/2 hour.

Three strategically-mapped-out-stops-on-the-way-to-speech later …

(Stop #1 – Rite Aid: Overpriced Elmer’s Glue, pink erasers, washable markers)
(Stop #2 – Dollar Tree: Brown paper lunch bags)

Brings us to Hobby Lobby for our Skein of Yarn and the aforementioned drill-sergeant-like conversation. So close yet SO FAR from the relaxation of the pool only hours ago…

Focus. Forget the Path. Concentrate on the Finish Line.

Ultimately, I am happy to report that we found the skein of yarn a.s.a.p. and arrived just in time for my son’s speech appointment. We even successfully managed the chaos of Elementary Open House just afterwards and we’re perfectly on target to reach our final destination of soccer.

It is the end result that matters,
not how we got there – right?

As we proceeded toward our last stop for the evening I took a deep breath feeling completely engulfed in a “school daze.”

I thought about how our pool days were numbered…
And I tried to relax…

That is
until my oldest informed me just before arrival to soccer:
“Mom! We forgot to grab our soccer balls and water bottles.”


Onward I march. I will survive.
Goodbye pool days. Hello school daze.

Leave a Comment: What is your biggest back-to-school “Mom Fail?” Have you ever thought you were fully prepared for your day only to discover (rudely!) that you most definitely weren’t?


This week I am linking up with The Mommy Mess for her Back to School Bash.

The Mommy Mess

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6 Responses to Pool Days. School Daze.

  1. Christin says:

    Kate you’re reading my mind!! Natalie starts preschool this year and I have learned already that adding one more kid to the school roster increases my workload and stress level exponentially!! It’s ONLY preschool I keep telling myself. Three stupid little mornings a week. Nope. She’s in school now too and all the fun that goes along with it!! We start this week and after I did my “type A” calendar for august/september on the dry erase board in my office I tried not to cry. I don’t know if I’m going to make it through september let alone the whole blasted year!!! Thanks for the laugh…totally needed it tonight!! 🙂 Glad I’m not the only mom who forgets things. I still owe Jenna’s teacher two boxes of sharpened pencils. I forgot to sharpen them before our open house. Nothing I could do. She’ll just have to take them on day one.

    • Kate F. says:

      I’ve always said that with each child born, another million short term memory cells leave my mind. (It could possibly be that we just have too much going on? I would be lost without our electronic syncing family calendars Christin!)

      Good luck to both Jenna and Natalie on the start of a brand new school year!

  2. angela says:

    I once volunteered to bring in two pumpkins and got the date wrong. Of course. There are more, but that was the worst, as I was juggling two giant pumpkins and a squirmy toddler. Ugh.

    Have a great year!

    • Kate F. says:

      I IMMEDIATELY set alarms on my phone for things like that. 🙂 If I don’t, it will not get done. I hate it when I have a wrong date though – that is the worst! (And seriously, they need to figure out a better way to carry pumpkins – like a re-usable, heavy duty “pumpkin bag.” LOL)

  3. adrienne
    Twitter: themommymess

    I laughed when I saw the lists for 1st and 4th grade! Too funny! So glad you came over! 🙂

    • Kate F. says:

      Thanks for reading Adrienne. I was so excited to link up. I follow your blog via my Google RSS reader and was excited when I saw your link-up idea. So glad I could join in. I am looking forward to reading the other blog submissions over the upcoming long holiday weekend. 🙂

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