Where Did the Busy Week Go? {Edition 3}

This week, we fit more things into Friday, Saturday and Sunday – than most people fit into an entire month! Our weekend makes our weekdays look somewhat dull – however looks can be deceiving…

The Weekend - 3

After a low-key, much needed dinner out with friends on Friday evening.
Saturday and Sunday were fill with family birthday celebrations for my husband and I.

Throw in a little soccer,
some work time for me,
a birthday party invitation for our daughter,
and our first outing in our Halloween costumes…

And you get a VERY full week fit into only 3 days!

Monday - 3

After our fun-filled weekend, the 24-hour stomach flu
(or quite possibly food poisoning?)

found its way into 3 out of 4 of our family members
and also hit my mother-in-law (who spent Sunday evening with us).

I still managed to lecture for 5 hours
(OMG was THAT hard!)
at the college I teach at, but afterwards:

I sat in my favorite chair and barely moved.

Tuesday - 3

By Tuesday we were all feeling much better.

Our busy day was filled again with the typical:
Kindermusik-lunch-speech-work-Kindermusik mix.

However my highlight of the day really was my toddlers speech appointment.
His therapist is amazing! I can’t believe how much he has improved
after only 3 appointment and intentional work at home.

Not to mention – he just thinks he is playing the entire time
and then takes a HUGE nap in the afternoon.
(allowing momma some much needed work time!)

Wednesday 3 I’ve been having a hard time focusing on work lately.
So I decided to switch things up by spending the morning working
at Panera and the early afternoon working in my car at the park.

I had a phone conference that afternoon
and it was a beautiful day outside…

so I sat in my car,
windows down,
and enjoyed my surroundings while working!
(See my office view of the park’s woods above.)

Thursday - 3

Thursday was busy – between work, school, piano lessons and soccer practice. We even
managed to fit in a visit to a preschool we are looking at for our toddler next year.


Has your child ever made a simple decision that filled you with pride?

This week’s Mothers Central Blog Post was inspired both by Halloween
and (in many ways) the political climate surrounding a presidential election year.
Check it out –> Today and Tomorrow – A Halloween Note to My Daughter.

So there you have it! Our busy week recap…

Leave a Comment: Where did your busy week go? Have your kids been able to wear their Halloween costumes out of the house yet?

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