The Harsh Stare of Judgment

People can be so easy to judge by just one, small slice of life.

But parenthood…

Parenthood is way more than just a single missing moment of patience. It’s more than just one evening of exhaustion. And it is so much more than any one painful moment.

Don’t you agree?

Last month I was invited to be a guest blogger for the Toledo Area Parent – A local, well known monthly print magazine that recently upgraded their online presence to include local bloggers.

So of course I said yes! Please visit me over there as I discuss one of many painful moments that I have felt the “harsh stare of judgment” from others.

Have you felt the harsh stare of judgment before?

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Leave a Comment: (Unscientific) PARENT POLL –> How many times have you felt the eyes of others judging you when out and about with your kids?

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6 Responses to The Harsh Stare of Judgment

  1. angela says:

    Sigh … on the judgment. My little guy is so very loud and so very energetic. Even when he’s sincerely trying to behave, it doesn’t always seem like it in restaurants and stores and … well, lots of places you’re supposed to be quiet.

    • Kate F. says:

      It is a whole new understanding after you’ve lived through it yourself isn’t it Angela? Goes to show you that you just can’t judge – ever…

  2. Susi says:

    I really wish people would keep their judgy pants at home. Since I started blogging and connecting with other moms I’m so much more understanding myself and really try not to judge. I have felt the stares myself when one or the other kid had a minor melt down while out and about!

    • Kate F. says:

      I think most parents can relate with this topic. And I think that a lot of us relate with the topic of judgment even more so after our 1st few years as parents because we remember when we used to be on the other side of the “harsh stare of judgment.” Sad but true isn’t it? 🙁

  3. Tatum says:

    Congrats on being TAP’s featured blogger! I actually stumbled upon this over the weekend online and thought it was a GREAT post 🙂

    I have felt the stares and it’s NOT fun and the absolute LAST thing I need to be worrying about during a public meltdown. I so wish that we could stop being so judgemental of one another and just try to remember that deep down, we’re all doing the best we can!

    • Kate F. says:

      Thanks Tatum. Sometimes I think it takes multiple, ongoing personal instances to keep this idea fresh in our minds. Judgment is never good… but its effects can be easily forgotten if we’re not reminded over and over again how it can hurt. Judgment is NEVER helpful. EVER. And we have all been guilty of it. (At least I know I have from time to time!)

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