Where Did the Busy Week Go? {Edition 7}

Short and sweet – that is how this edition goes!

The Weekend

If you read Monday’s post you will know
that my husband and I took a much needed vacation last week…
just the two of us!
Our weekend was spent relaxing…

Tuesday was the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break.
Milkshakes and Movies in the evening was how we decided to celebrate.

Monday? Where’s Monday.
Let’s just call Monday the “missing day” in our week.
Monday was spent working and catching up after being gone for nearly a week!

Since the week before was spent without the kids,
my husband and I were excited to have much of the following week
(Thanksgiving Break) to spend together with them.

Wednesday morning (their first day off) the kids
and I cleaned, played with at lot of puzzles,
and watched all the geese gather in our backyard pond.

My husband took a half day off and we spent the afternoon
putting the outside Christmas decorations up.

In the evening we allowed the kids to download the
Angry Bird Star Wars app for the iPad.
They were obsessed!

And then OF COURSE there was Thursday…

Food, fun, family and more food!

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my home and the safety of my family
especially after so many of my friends and NAMC co-workers
in the New York area have been left suffering after
the devastation following Hurricane Sandy.

This Thursday on Mothers Central, I had the honor
to share a powerful guest post letter from one of our MC Members
whose home and community was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

It is definitely worth a read.
Such a POWERFUL letter from a mother to her children…


Leave a Comment: Looking back my week seems a bit odd! We went from the beach, to decorating for Christmas, to cerebrating Thanksgiving… hmm. Where did your busy week go?

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2 Responses to Where Did the Busy Week Go? {Edition 7}

  1. Susi says:

    Another great recap of another busy week. My kids had a half day on Wednesday and they begged me to let them stay home — I didn’t! We enjoyed our holiday weekend as well. Most of our inside decorations are up. Still need to take care of outside.

    • Kate F. says:

      Thanks Susi. We have been so busy I just barely got the post even up! Let the Holiday madness begin!

      That is crazy that your kids still had a 1/2 day of school on Wednesday! How can the teachers possibly get anything accomplished in that amount of time right before a holiday? (I’m thinking a movie morning at school???) 🙂

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