Where Did the Busy Week Go? {Edition 9}

Every Friday – that’s my goal – to share my busy week through pictures. This has become a lot of work such a labor of love and a great way to remember some of the better things that happened throughout the week.

Our Busy Weeked #9

Saturday and Sunday we watched my middle play basketball.
(Which of course meant that we had to also watch my youngest “try” to stay off the court!)

We visited with Santa on Saturday evening at our hometown’s
historical village during a downtown “Holiday Happenings” event.
(For our Santa photo – and a good story about his magic – visit Monday’s post.)

On Sunday I threw a small shower for two good friends expecting their 3rd child.
Together we ate lunch (soup, salad and croissants), talked (a lot!) and designed
one-of-a-kind onesies with a little help from fabric remnants, markers and stencils.

Sunday evening was spent watching the Grinch on TV.
However, since it was a school night, and the Grinch was on until 10:30…

We didn’t get to finish the movie. Boo.

Our Busy (foggy) Monday

Lucky for my kids, Monday we had an unusual fog delay…
Just enough time to finish watching the Grinch before school started
(since I didn’t let them stay up to finish it the night before).

Monday night brought on National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

We’re not that much of a TV family… however, I’ve come
to the conclusion that we watch more TV during the holidays,
then the entire year put all together.

Our Busy Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday marks music day.
My littlest has SO. MUCH. FUN. with his friends at music class.
Afterwards, we met up with my husband for lunch
before our toddlers’ speech appointment.

Tuesday morning always wears my youngest out for his afternoon nap,
just in time for my afternoon staff meeting – whew!

Our Busy Wednesday (Team Jack)

This week my young nephew (already a cancer survivor)
began treatment to remove another tumor that was found on his spine.

Wednesday we celebrated his return from his first treatment with prayers
and by wearing our “Team Jack” jerseys.

Mothers Central Thursday - Taking a Break

A wise friend said to me after returning from our Florida vacation:

“It’s one thing to know to take time off.
It’s another thing to actually DO IT.”

As a busy parent, taking a break for just ourselves can be challenging.
Statistically speaking, when given extra time in my day,
9 out of 10 times I often end up spending that time on household chores.

How about you?

This week’s Mothers Central Post reflects on the odd day
where I actually remembered to take a break.


Leave a Comment: What did you fill your busy week with? Is your family as addicted to holiday TV as mine?

Linking up again with Susi of Boca Frau for her Picture Perfect Weekly.
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2 Responses to Where Did the Busy Week Go? {Edition 9}

  1. Susi says:

    Sending positive thoughts for your nephew. Love that you all wore the jersey to support him. My week was filled with tantrum throwing toddlers (my niece), packing suitcases after 2 1/2 weeks vacation (my sister) and a trip to the airport to drop them off for their return to Germany.

    • Kate F. says:

      I can only imagine how hard it must have been to say goodby to your sister. My family mostly live only a couple hours away and sometimes that’s hard 🙁 I hope this next week brings you some smiles!

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