Where Did the Busy Week Go? {Edition 15}

Do you find it hard to recall what you do in just a week’s time?

I often do. Even as I look back through my calendar at my busy week to share with you here, I realize how little these few photo memories capture of what I really do.

Yet many of these seemingly insignificant moments might have been lost in my “mommy mind” if it weren’t for these Friday posts. So these are the memories I have conjured up this week.


The weekend was spent doing a lot of work.
However, we gave ourselves a break in the evening both nights
for fun dinner outings (1 with couples-only / 1 with the full family).

Margarita’s at a nearby Mexican restaurant
+ while-we-wait projects for the kids
= Lots of fun for everyone.


I love this semester’s new work/life schedule.
Because I don’t teach as many college classes,
I have more flexibility with my home time.

On Monday’s my work day is now broken up by my toddler’s Kindermusik Class.
And this week, while my middle son was at evening basketball practice,
the other two children and I decided to play with our newest family addition…

(Hint, hint… I think this may be a larger story for Monday’s post.)


Tuesday was busy… but better than most.
It can be hard to capture Tuesday via photo
because our business is somewhat dull…

However there are dull moments of fun,
and this photo of our new tooth brush “location” exemplifies that.

“Momma ‘ook! I see ‘ooble!”
(translation: Momma look! I see double)


I have been trying to give myself more
“non-weekend” time to write for this blog.

And also more time to relax.

So on Wednesday afternoons, my goal is
to write on my iPad, in our comfy chair, while the toddler sleeps.
(Usually my dog joins me – thus the “furry” photo of my blanket-covered legs below.)

Week 1 = Success.
A perfect weekly activity to get me over the mid-week hump.
(Don’t you think?)


Do you ever dish out “motherly advice” to your children
only to realize (in hindsight)
that you aren’t practicing what you preach?

This Thursday’s Mothers Central Blog was titled:

Taking Our Own “Motherly Advice” – Things
We Tell Our Children That We Often Don’t Do Ourselves

(Please tell me that I am not the only one that does this!)


Leave a Comment: Now it’s your turn – where did your busy week go? Do you think you manage a good work/life mix? (I definitely find this challenging!)

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