Where did the Busy Week(s) Go? {Edition 11, 12 & 13}

Two full weeks off from this blog… Wow. And with those weeks off, I’ve missed 3 busy-week posts… so let’s play a little catch-up, shall we?

School Ended for a 2+ week break…
and we celebrated being home together by:

visiting the lights at the Toledo Zoo,
having some sleddin’ fun
and watching our holiday card collection grow.

School's Out for Winter Break

We then wished my daughter a happy 10th birthday…

celebrating with family (twice) and her friends (once)
at a dance-themed party which was complete with dance instruction
choreographed to a “tweenie-ish” Disney Channel song.

Turning 10 years old(You gotta love the fun socks and handmade scarfs doubling as costumes and party favors!)

Christmas came and went.

Along with a lot of traveling to visit family,
we also managed to potty train our youngest
(that’s seriously a post in itself)
which required a lot sitting around the home.
(At least we were able to thoroughly enjoy all our new stuff!)

Christmas and Potty TrainingTop center image = the Black Friday Purchase (a.k.a. a VERY cheap kayak!)

Sure enough by his 3rd Birthday, we had a potty trained toddler!


(I want to make sure you caught that – and not the potty training part.)

Yes… you heard me right.
We celebrated both my oldest daughter’s
and my youngest son’s birthdays

within 10 days of each other…
(I know… poor planning.)

More Birthdays - Turning Three

After all the birthday parties and Christmas gatherings,
we were happy to bring in the New Year
and some much needed R&R.

Happy New Year 2013

Welcome 2013.

I missed this space… but I would have missed my family more had I not given them the time they deserved during these busy past couple of weeks.

Leave a Comment: How would you handle 4 Christmas gatherings, 3 children (home from school), 2 birthday celebrations and 1 very crazy “break” from reality?

Linking up again with Susi of Boca Frau for her Picture Perfect Weekly.
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2 Responses to Where did the Busy Week(s) Go? {Edition 11, 12 & 13}

  1. Susi says:

    Looks like you had a wonderful time away from the blog and lots to share. Happy Birthday to both your kids! We also celebrated my son’s 12th birthday right after Christmas… and hubby’s aunt’s right after New Year’s! We are enjoying this last weekend at home as it’s rainy and nasty out anyways. Monday it’s back to the grind!!!! 🙂
    Susi recently posted..A New Year ~ A New Fill In

    • Kate F. says:

      Happy 12th Birthday to your son! You must know almost exactly how busy this time of year is then too 🙂 Good to know I have someone to commiserate with! Happy 2013 Susi.

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