A Success Story

A Success Story~
Once upon a time…

I started feeling a little overwhelmed.
To be more specific, “once upon a time” was Wednesday, March 13th.

To an everyday observer browsing through my electronic calendar to precisely that day – this abundant flood of chaos may not be obvious. In fact, looking back at that particular date (in all actuality) shows an absence of activity.

  • No meetings.
  • No appointments.
  • No sporting practices.
  • No music classes.
  • No school events (for my children OR myself as an instructor).

My electronic calendar (which removes days within “daily view mode” if no activities are present) just skipped over that day as if it never even existed.

However I know this isn’t true – this day did occur.

I know this because: This is the day in my week where I schedule in time for writing here at On-the-Go Momma. Because I haven’t written a new post here since March 10th, I recognize the Wednesday after my last live post date here as the day:

I was successful.
(Yes, you heard me right.)

On Wednesday, March 13th, I was successful in giving myself a break and a pass when I needed it most.

I remembered to respect my limits.
I looked at my time and calculated my priorities.
I enlisted support.

So let me take a little time to fill you in on what I’ve been (successfully) up to over the last couple months…

Parent Forum on School SafetyAs President of our School District’s Parent Organization (which services 2 high schools, 3 middle schools and 7 elementary schools)
I helped to lead a Parent Forum on School Safety and our district’s implementation of the A.L.I.C.E. Safety Training Program.

Soccer in the SnowI went to many crazy (but fun) weekend soccer tournaments (some of which were IN. THE. SNOW.)

Sylvania Life MagazineI accomplished a longtime goal of writing for a print publication by securing an every-other month advice column
(titled: Momma’s Corner) and also writing a Mothers’ Day  feature article in a community magazine called Sylvania Life.

Spring Break Family VacationWe traveled to Florida over Easter to visit my parents and were able to have some much-needed family fun!

In my role as a staff member for the National Association of Mothers’ Centers I wrote, designed and interactively created an eBook (soon to be released) providing a clearer step-by-step guide for others hoping to begin a Mothers’ Center Group.

Start A Group Guide eBookThe cover and initial page of the book (which has been a work in progress for many months now!)

I also traveled to Manhasset, New York (Long Island) in my roll as an NAMC staff member to lead and participate in an amazing retreat for the leaders of Mothers’ Center Groups across the nation.

NAMC Leadership Council RetreatCan you find me in this image? See more images and read about the retreat here.

Additionally, I was thrilled to learn that my post: Can Potty Training be Fun? was selected by Babble.com to be published in Babble’s Best of Blogs Campaign eBook to be released next winter!

  • Yes. I’ve kept myself busy (both professionally and personally).
  • Yes. It was a little overwhelming at times.
  • And YES. I missed this space!

As summer begins I am ready for less work and more play. But I am also ready to get back to doing one of the things I love most – sharing stories here.

Leave a Comment: Life changes. What do you give up when the going gets overwhelmingly tough?

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2 Responses to A Success Story

  1. Kate I can so relate to this post!! Since this year has been devoted to Bonbon Break I have not had a minute to do anything but the magazine and what I feel has been the bare minimum of parenting. Never mind blogging on my own site. Since taking our own bonbon break I have finally had the time to live my life a bit more. It’s taking me a while to get back into the swing, especially getting back into blogging but it feels great! Thanks for a great catch up post and congratulations on all your success!
    Kathy Radigan recently posted..Twenty Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

  2. Wow, wow, wow! You have been a busy lady! Congrats on the column! How exciting.
    Susie Finkbeiner recently posted..Everybody Loves Lola

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