The Little “Big City” of Ann Arbor, Michigan

We woke up feeling refreshed, sunken deep into the comfortable cushion of the hotel mattress.

Our ears listened to sounds of distant cars and songs of the early morning birds, and our eyes opened to the sun tightly squeezing it’s way through the elegant room’s heavy curtains.

Ann Arbor Hotel RoomOur room and view at The Dahlmann Campus Inn of Ann Arbor Michigan.

A far cry from the typical rude awakening of the squeaky (yet incredibly LOUD) voice of our toddler demanding from the depths of his dark bedroom:

“Momma! I want to GET. UP!”

Seemingly so far, yet in reality so logistically close to the familiar sounds of our home.

Last year, for our wedding anniversary my husband and I were able to get away for three blissful days to Northern, Michigan. This year (due to other commitments) we we were only able to fit in a last minute get away to Ann Arbor, Michigan – located just 30 minutes or so from our hometown in Ohio.

Ann Arbor Campus Inn - Entrance

Even though that morning we were waking up only 45 miles away from home and were technically just 14 hours into our getaway with (at most) 5 hours left – we still managed to get the break we needed.

The evening before had been flooded by on-and-off again showers.

We wandered the streets and university campus of the little “big city” of Ann Arbor – umbrellas in hand – in search of good food, a sip-able martini and an early bedtime.

Streets of Ann Arbor, MichiganThe streets and campus of Ann Arbor, Michigan including (clockwise from top to bottom):
1.) the Prickly Pear (Mexican cuisine – where we ate dinner),
2.) Nickels Arcade (enclosed, open air shopping alley), 3.) downtown Ann Arbor streets,
4.) self photo at the Black Pearl Seafood and Martini Bar and 5.) the U of M Campus.

Rain and all, it was still a fine night fill with (uninterrupted) conversations, however it was the morning that we had really both been looking forward to.

As self proclaimed early-riser-enthusiasts, my husband and I enjoyed awaking to the quiet of a comfortable room, a large cup of coffee sipped along side a croissant and newspaper, and the beauty of the left over puddles from last night’s summer showers.

After the luxury of slowly waking up, we eventually lazily packed up our overnight bags, checked out of our hotel and continued wandering the streets, neighborhoods and back allies of A2 for hours – conquering miles and miles of the city.

Ann Arbor Campus WalkClockwise left to right: 1.) Outdoor painted steel sculpture by Mark di Suvero in front of the University of Michigan Museum of Art.
2.) U of M Football Stadium 3.) A view of the city of Ann Arbor from the University of Michigan Football Stadium.

And unbelievably, we still managed to returned back to our hometown that afternoon for an evening of fireworks with the kids.


A happy anniversary with just enough “time off” to remember how much we enjoy and appreciate the rare time we get to spend together as a couple.

Leave a comment: Even the smallest amount of time off can help rejuvenate your spirits. Don’t you think?

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