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The Materialization of a Dream

~ “Choose your thoughts carefully … you are a masterpiece of your life.” From the book ‘The Secret’ ~ Nearly two years ago I consciously started to set goals for myself – seemingly impossible goals, yet nevertheless goals I hoped … Continue reading

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Wonder, Friend…

Touring Washington DC on a Rainy day. This week I was in Washington DC representing the State of Ohio at Parenting Magazine’s 2012 Mom Congress in Education and Learning Conference. Suffice to say, I’ve been busy. What-if I would have … Continue reading

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Dissecting Intimidation

~ “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and dog-gone it, people like me.” ~ Al Franken, as Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live ~ Earlier today I found myself in need of a pep talk. It’s so easy to watch … Continue reading

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Mommy’s Time Out – A Reflection on Before, During and After

When our kids are not following directions, arguing and in general acting cranky – sometimes I use a time out to help them reflect on their bad behavior. Often On occasion I’ve noticed that quite possibly, I’ve been in need … Continue reading

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My Newest Friend: Fear

I can. I can’t. I can’t. I can. These words swirl around in my head and my heart. (And sweat starts to trickle down my forehead…) My heart. My head. My head. My heart. Both these body parts thump within … Continue reading

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Breathing is Living

What fills your thoughts? Often I think about the future – excited, nervous, or maybe even scared of what’s to come. Sometimes I think about the past – remembering great times or occasionally finding myself annoyed with things I can’t … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

— “Mooommmm! Are we there yet???” — Does that line sound familiar? If you have ever traveled with children, that is often the question of the day (hour, minute second?!?). They look so cute! But that question can get old! … Continue reading

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Outlasting Life with a Memory

So… yes, drumroll please… We went on a vacation! A ridiculously, AMAZING vacation. A memory forming vacation. A “Dream” vacation (literally!) But here’s where I stop. Yes. I am stopping my story about our Disney cruise vacation… For now. Because, … Continue reading

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The Great Outdoors?

Just so you know…I DON’T camp. Nope. Not one bit. I know, I know, I know…. they say it’s: SO much fun (I say: Way too many bug bites), and SO relaxing (I say: Exhausting from not sleeping well) and … Continue reading

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The True Story of a Not-So-Teeny-Weeny-Polka-Dotted Bikini

There is always a beginning. Last week was the beginning of the On-The-Go Momma blog. And this week is another beginning… Today is day one of project: Quick!-get-yourself-in-shape-before-vacation Brought to you by: I-just-went-swimsuit-shopping-yesterday Top 3 Swimsuit Shopping Irritations A couple … Continue reading

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