I love to check out other great blogs.

Here are some of my favorites:

5 Responses to Blogroll

  1. Thanks for including my site in this post. How sweet and what a great surprise! 🙂
    Jackie (WritRams) recently posted..ePOW | Baby Shapes

    • Kate says:

      You bet! I love reading your posts. They always crack a smile on my face and I want to make sure I share that with others 🙂

  2. Ado says:

    Oh my goodness! I just saw this Kate. Thanks thanks thanks!! (-:

    • Kate says:

      You bet 😉 I try to keep this (short) list up-to-date (if I can!) with the bloggers I ESPECIALLY love to read 🙂 And you just happen to be one of them…

  3. Just saw that I made your blogroll. I’m honored – and very humbled. Thank you for hanging in there with me! 🙂
    Missy @ Wonder, Friend recently posted..Age Inflicted Aches and Pains

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